The holiday season is upon us, and for some, it's not exactly a welcome thing.

With so many people struggling from job loss or other things over the past couple of years, there's a lot of people that won't get to have a Christmas.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't stop with just the toys and gifts. A lot of people are struggling to put food on the table for their families. Things such as Thanksgiving dinner seems like a far-fetched thing for some.

Those people have been turning to food banks for help and getting the things they need. One problem though.

With the supply chain shortages we've been experiencing, even the local food banks are struggling to get the items they need in order to distribute them to people in need this holiday season.

The rising cost of food due to the shortage is making it difficult for food banks to provide things they usually wouldn't have an issue with. There are some who give out full Thanksgiving dinners so families can enjoy them along with everyone else.

Problem is, the cost of turkeys has been rising due to the shortages and because of it, they either can't provide them or having to cut back on other things in order to afford enough of them.

So how can we help? The obvious way is to donate whatever you can to these food banks. Whether it's bringing in something such as a turkey, or donating some money for the cost of a turkey or two. Hams are a popular option at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, so those would be very welcomed as well.

Maybe it's some of the smaller things you can provide. With the food banks having to cut back on some of the trimmings that go with these big holiday feasts, maybe it's boxes of stuffing or bags of potatoes you can bring in.

No one should have to go without these traditional holiday meals. Some of us are in better positions than others, and by no fault of their own. If you can, please help our community this holiday season and donate whatever you can to make sure it's a good holiday season for all, not just some.

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