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As the old saying goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's also a little dangerous if you don't go about celebrating responsibly.

Christmas trees are notorious for starting fires. This fact was highlighted recently by Amarillo Fire Department's Facebook page, where they reminded everyone that trees can pose a problem if not cared for properly.

According to their post, while not incredibly common, fires started by Christmas trees can be devastating. If you have a real one, be sure to care for it properly. Here's a link for info.

While it may be retro and cool to use real candles (I have risk taking friends who do this), it can also lead to big problems (it has for them).

If your tree is fake, be sure to unplug everything when no one is around. My best friend and his family lost their house just before Christmas because of a faulty outlet they had plugged their fake tree in to.

Even other decorations can lead to disaster if they are not installed properly. It's best to double check any instructions that come along with any decorations you plan on using.

Toys are a whole other issue around the holidays. There are pieces and parts laying around all over the place. Not only do those Lego bricks hurt like hell when you step on them, but they can also lead to a choking hazard for younger kids and pets.

Be sure and keep an eye on those smaller toys and small toy parts.

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