It's a tragedy we are tired of hearing about. A tragedy that should NEVER happen to be honest with you.

Mass casualty shootings in school. There's just no excuse for it to happen.

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Let's be real, parents send their kids off to school thinking they'll be safe. Nothing is going to happen to them while they're at school right? Then Columbine High School happened, and that thinking changed.

I know, I was 20 minutes away from the school when the shootings at Columbine happened. Panic set in, and it stuck around for quite a while. People couldn't make sense of what happened. Kids were scared to go to school and parents were hesitant to send them. Everyone was afraid of a copycat situation.

Here we are 23 years after that incident, and we've got another mass casualty shooting at a school in Uvalde. 21 people dead, 19 of those being innocent children who were just there to learn.

Amarillo is just a couple of days away from being out of session for the school year, just as Uvalde was. Now would be a great time for ALL schools to review whether or not their campuses are set up to avoid people accessing campuses across the country.

When you look at the schools in Amarillo, it SEEMS they are set up well from having an attack happen. However, you have to wonder are they really?

While I don't want to go into detail about HOW there could be some flaws (because I don't want to be the one to point any out), but schools have events that invite parents in, the kids go to recess outside, etc. There are times those doors are open and easily accessible.

In the aftermath of this, I've seen photos popping up on social media that show the security measures some schools have in place. Heck, I saw a school that had an armed guard, a former active military member, standing at the ONLY entrance and exit of the school. A menacing gun strapped across his body ready for the person who may want to try something funny.

Kids shouldn't have to see this kind of thing, but unfortunately, that's what we've come to. Are we at a point where schools in and around Amarillo need to have those armed guards standing at the front door? Are there too many entrances and exits used at the campuses across the city?

I can only hope that our kids are safe inside (and outside) these schools. Not just in Amarillo, but across the country. This needs to stop.

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