Starting tomorrow, you want to rethink how you get around downtown. According to reports, the AIG building is set to be demolished and it is going to impact the area around 10th and Taylor.

According to the report, the left and center lanes going south on Taylor Street will be closed starting tomorrow. They will remain closed until Tuesday (10/15).

On Tuesday (10/15), the center lane on Taylor will be reopened. The left lane will remain closed.

Traffic going east on 10th Avenue will be moved to the westbound lane. This means that traffic on Taylor is going to be reduced to one lane in both directions.

According to the report, this is how it's going to be until the demolition of the AIG building is complete.

Getting around downtown can already be a bit of a chore. For the next several days, including this weekend, rethink how you get around downtown. Especially if you need to be in the area of 10th and Taylor.

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