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Considering everything that has happened in 2020, and is still happening in 2020, it isn't much of a surprise that it's hard to find things happening on New Year's Eve. That doesn't mean we are completely without options, though.

The tricky part is coming up with something to do with the kids. I'm fine just sitting around in some sweatpants taking an insane number of naps a day. My kids, however, are not.

'Big Cheer for a New Year' will be on December 31, and it kicks off at 11 AM. There will be activities for the kids all day long.

The interesting part is that they will be counting down every hour with a special science demonstration for the kids.

There are a few other events I was able to find, but nothing really like what we're used to on NYE. There aren't any massive parties or galas to attend.

At least the Don Harrington Discovery Center is an option that will keep the whole family entertained. For the event, regular admission will apply. It is free for members.

This year has been one for the books. So much has changed, and it hasn't all been for the better. 2020 has felt like that bad house guest that is a friend of a friend of someone you're vaguely acquainted with that eats all of your food, and doesn't understand when it's time to leave.

Very soon, we'll finally get to kick 2020 out the door, and start fresh(ish) in 2021.

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