I was one of those girls in school that really enjoyed science class. I remember some of the school projects that I did. Learning about the weather was one of my favorites. Then when I got to high school my love for it continued.

I don't know why it seemed like to me that the subjects like math and science ended up being more of a boy's favorite. They seemed to do much better. That is something that needs to change. Girls shouldn't be expected to do better in classes like English and leave the other subjects to the boys.

Those times have changed. I am certainly glad that they have.

Yes, girls can excel in those subjects as well. Oh, and it's easy. Just let them explore. Give them bunsen burners. Give them the tools for dissection. Yes, I know girls can seem squeamish about that but it's fascinating.

Those hands-on classes are the way I really learned. The way that my love for science grew even more.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is making it easy for girls to appreciate learning even more. They are giving girls their own special day to explore. Their own time to shine.

If this is something that interests you tonight is the first night. It will continue every month. The first Monday of the month have this on your calendar. Get your daughters and their friends out to The Discovery Center.

Science does not have to be a man's world. Better yet, it shouldn't be. There will be a lot of learning that will keep your daughter interested. Women who will learn from women in the field.  Girls Who Science.  What a great opportunity for our girls in the Texas Panhandle.

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