It's a topic that has been discussed and debating for decades now.

Heck, it's even something that political campaigns have been centered around.

I'm talking about climate change. Is it a real thing, or not?

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication did a study back in 2020, and the results are pretty interesting. What's really intriguing is to see just how different the results are in Amarillo compared to the rest of the nation.


So 72% of the nation as a whole feels that global warming is a real thing and is happening. When you break it down to Amarillo, only 61.4% of Amarillo residents believe it's happening. That's a whopping 10.6% less than the national average. What's even more interesting is when you break it down by county.

Randall County is sitting at 58% of residents believe it's real, 14% less than the nation. However, head north to Potter County and you'll find 66% believe global warming is happening, only 6% lower than the national average.


If you ask the nation, 57% believe that the issue is created by us humans. Amarillo though says no it's not. Less than half of Amarillo residents think we're the ones creating the global warming issues at 48.8%, checking in just over 8% less than the belief of the country.


Well yes, Amarillo does seem a touch worried about global warming...just not as much as the rest of the country again. 53.6% of Amarillo residents say they're concerned about the issue, but that is 9.4% lower than the rest of the nation which sits at 63% of the population concerned about it.

There's even more to the survey, so if you want to dig into it deeper, you can here. It would appear as a whole though, Amarillo is only mildly concerned about global warming in general.

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