The holidays are stressful. Parties and dinners need to planned. Gifts need to be bought. That usually means no one is getting any sleep.

According to a new survey, a majority of us don't sleep the doctor recommended 8 hours. Of those people, a third of people are sleeping less than 6 hours.

What does it all mean? It means we're stressed and we're sleep deprived.

The survey lists family stress as the biggest contributor to sleep loss. We're losing sleep over getting everything planned for our families to come see us and making travel arrangements. Some of us are losing sleep over just seeing our families.

The next biggest culprit in causing us to lose sleep is the obvious one. Finances also make up a massive chunk of what stressed out those surveyed. We're losing sleep over buying gifts.

They did see a trend in the survey where the less people spent, the more sleep they got.

Personally, I know I get less sleep around the holidays. It's a stressful time. My calendar is usually pretty packed between family and work, throw in two major holidays and some unexpected life events...I'm hovering around the "3 hours a night if I'm lucky" mark.

For the months of November and December, I'm exhausted 24/7. I usually get sick along the way at some point, and I usually shed some weight. As Merle Haggard once sang, "If we make it through December..."

The survey does wrap up with some tips on how to get some better sleep this year. They say to plan ahead, stick to your schedule, and forget this idea of there being a "perfect holiday."

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