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In case you still set clocks in your house, you need to set a reminder somewhere for this weekend. Sunday at 2 AM, we fall back an hour marking the end of daylight saving time.

Of the two times a year we adjust clocks, this one is my favorite. We all get an "extra" hour of sleep.

For most of us, this isn't even a thought anymore. I think the only clock I'll have to adjust in my house is the one on my stove. My phone takes care of itself. My TV now takes care of itself. My Playstation takes care of itself.

There is a bigger push this year to make the change permanent. Several states have already put legislation in place to do so. Even more states want to make the change permanent.

The idea is that when we "fall back" and see less daylight, it poses several problems. An article from September that was put out by TIME pointed to mental health and economic issues.

A lot of people suffer from seasonal depression, and with the way this year has gone it probably isn't farfetched to think that depression could be worse. Plus, some studies show that people shop less at night.

If we make the change permanent, can we do so after I get my awesome extra hour of sleep I've been looking forward to?

No matter how you or I feel about it, time will still be changing this weekend. Be sure to look around the house and see if you still have a clock somewhere that needs to be set Saturday night.


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