It's a sign that summer is right around the corner. The school year is almost done. Wonderland Park is opening for the season this weekend.

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The opening this weekend is special for two reasons. One, last year was hell on most of us. That goes double for business owners. This weekend celebrates one of Amarillo's most iconic attractions surviving 2020.

It also just so happens to be their 70th anniversary. Of course there will be specials and celebratory pricing due to the occasion.

The park is set to kick off this momentous season on Saturday. There are over 30 attractions, plus games and mini-golf. Who's ready to tackle the ant hill this year?

They'll be open from 1PM - 6PM. Easter Sunday they'll be open from 1PM - 8PM. You can see a calendar with other dates and times on their Facebook page.

The big thing for me personally is that this is just one more time we can see "normal" working its way back into our lives. Last year, it seems all we talked about was what was closing or cancelled. This year, we get to pass on more positive news.

If you want more information on what to expect this weekend as Wonderland opens for the season, or if you're just curious about the 2021 season, you can use this link to see their website.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. Things don't seem as "desperate" as they did last year. Here's to hopefully enjoying our summer in 2021, instead of wondering how we'll survive it.

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