funDove Creek Equine Rescue is a non-profit in town that rescues neglected animals in the area.

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Dove Creek Equine was in desperate need of help.  Due to the drought and the rising cost of hay and feed, they needed extra funds to be able to keep the organization open and the animals fed and taken care of.  They launched the When in Drought Emergency Campaign on June 8th to raise emergency funding.  Their goal was $20,000.

However, they were able to raise that and more, and a total of $28,000 was raised.

Ali McEwen, Director of Rescue Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, exclaimed “Thanks to the incredibly generous response from the community to our request, our goal was not only met but exceeded in only 17 days!” Having $28,000 in the bank earmarked for hay and feed is such a comfort, since the drought doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.” She continued, “The round bales we will purchase for winter feeding will be at an all-time high and hard to get due to the drought. The donations raised during the When in Drought campaign allows us to have the funds to secure our wheat for winter earlier then we have ever been able to which means we get the lowest price.”


The campaign was originally intended to run through August.   Not only are they celebrating the graciousness of the community, but they also have another thing to celebrate.

Honey Bea!

The rescue took in a horse by the name of Hartley on March 13th.

McEwen said, “She had a great start in the training program, showing all signs of being a very adoptable trail riding horse. In early June, we noticed a few changes that led us to believe Hartley may be pregnant.” A visit to see the vets at Mobile Veterinary Practice confirmed that Hartley was indeed pregnant with a baby who could arrive any day!


Honey Bea came into the world on June 20th.

Since the birth of Honey Bea wasn't in the budget, these ended up to be unexpected expenses and now Dove Creek Equine Rescue is holding a baby shower for Honey Bea and Hartley to cover the expenses of their care.  Their goal is to raise $5,000.

Every new momma needs a baby shower.  

Photo Courtesy: Dove Creek Equine Rescue
Photo Courtesy: Dove Creek Equine Rescue

If you're interested in helping out with the It's a Girl baby shower campaign you can donate here.

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