Dropkick Murphys are in the midst of their annual St. Patrick’s Day run of shows, and after their performance in Boston on Friday (March 15), bassist Ken Casey was bloodied after jumping into the audience to confront an overly aggressive crowd member.

According to a rep for the band, Casey spotted an inebriated man in the crowd who was elbowing others, including women, near the stage. When Casey stopped the show and called for security, he also decided to get involved in confronting the concertgoer as well. As he went into the crowd, he was pelted with a beer can in the head. Video below from TMZ shows Casey bloodied from the incident.

Billboard reports that singer Al Barr addressed the audience after the incident, stating, "We've been doing this for a number of years, and having been here for 21 of those years, I can tell you this is not new. When we invite you guys to come to one of our shows, it's like we’re saying come to our house. And when someone disrespects us, you're disrespecting us in our house."

Casey has shown that he’s not one to be messed with at shows. In 2013, when an audience member made their way onto the stage and started displaying a Hitler neo-Nazi salute, Casey walked over to the concertgoer, shoved him to the ground and a melee ensued.

Dropkick Murphys are wrapping up their tour back in Boston tonight (March 17) at the House of Blues before heading to the U.K. and Europe for dates starting next month. See their scheduled stops here.

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