For two hours last night, things felt alright. For that small window of time I was able to put away the headlines, the text messages, the phone calls. I was able to forget about the worries I have and join people all over the world for a beer and a song.

Dropkick Murphys, you boys did real good last night.

After having to cancel their annual St. Patrick's Day Weekend festivities, DKM decided to perfom a full concert, for free, and stream it live all over the world. It was great.

I've been a fan of DKM for a long time. The first song of theirs I ever heard was on an Epitaph Records sampler album. I was hooked. That was back in my early teen years.

The recurring themes to their music are loyalty, never give up or give in, unity, and fighting for a better tomorrow. It was exactly what was needed at a time like this.

They played some new songs, they played most of the songs you would hope to hear, and they constantly reminded us that we're all in this together. They also raised money for their foundation which is going to be helping out families in quarantine.

Having recently performed in Italy, they dedicated a song to their friends and fans there.in one of the many touching moments of the night.

From a small studio Dropkick Murphys played to the whole world last night. Millions watched on Facebook. The concert has been viewed over 950K times on YouTube.

Not bad for punks in their fifties.

The live chats were full of positivity as fans joined together in song from all over the world.

So pour a pint, crank this one up, and "let's go Murphys."

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