For someone who’s oriented so much of her music around her relationships with men, Taylor Swift has remained strangely asexual. Though she’s often seen canoodling with her various paramours, her public persona has remained squeaky clean and her music matches. Her songs focus on romance rather than seduction, more concerned with the dress she’s wearing rather than the process of taking it off. She’s a big fan of the “just sort of bending over” dance move, which could be kinda sexual, if you insist on taking it there. But for the most part, she’s kept it chastely PG.

Which made this morning’s announcement that she and former One Direction member Zayn Malik had teamed up for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the lead single off the original soundtrack for Fifty Shades Darker, something of a surprise. Like its predecessor Fifty Shades of Grey, the sequel has foregrounded the new music written for the film as part of its promotional campaign. But unlike “Earned It” by R&B megastar The Weeknd, the first cut from Grey‘s soundtrack and one of the better songs about banging in recent years, Swift and Malik’s new tune stays out of the bedroom.

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“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” finds the pair in despair, agonizing over a lost love to a crisp pop beat. Malik takes the first verse and Swift the second, before they join as a duet for the rest of the song, two halves of a fractured couple still obsessed with one another. “Baby, baby, I feel crazy / up all night, all night and every day / I gave you something, but you gave me nothing / what is happening to me?” she sings. While Swift may have seemed an unlikely pick to soundtrack a film in which our romantic leads appear to go to third base in an elevator, nobody knows the subject of not being over an ex quite like her.

Both Fifty Shades Darker and its soundtrack will be released February 10. The new song is available on iTunes and Apple Music.

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