There's no question at this point that Taylor Swift is the most well known celebrity of our time, and that's no different here in Texas. Her Eras concerts in Arlington all sold out within minutes. Her popularity here in the state and across the country is at an all time high.

She's all anyone can seem to talk about, and when she started dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, it drew a ton more viewers to Chiefs games on TV of fans just hoping to catch a glimpse of her there cheering on her man.

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At the end of the day, it's her music that people know and love her for, and she has undoubtedly made so many catchy songs that everyone sings along to. It's an event when she releases an album and fans know every lyric of every song before the day is over.

Taylor has recorded 10 original albums up to this point, and even re-recorded four of them after her squabble with Scooter Braun with him buying the label she was on, giving him exclusive rights to her masters.

Every album she puts out is crazy popular, but the question is, which album is actually her most popular? According to a new study by Vegas Gems, the most popular Taylor Swift album in Texas is 'reputation'.

In fact, it shows that 'reputation' is the most popular album in EVERY state in the country. So is this really her biggest album? I'm not so sure of that just based on this study.

The study conducted was wrapped around the most searched albums for her, and there's a reason that 'reputation' is popping at the top. The total search volume for 'reputation' was 28,024.2 monthly searches. The next closest in Texas was '1989' with 17,511.7 monthly searches.

Why would these two albums be on top? Well, '1989' was her most recent re-recorded album, so the search volume on it is a bit higher because of people looking for info on it. That leaves 'reputation' well ahead as the leader.

That's because she hasn't re-recorded that album yet, therefore search volume is through the roof as Swifties are clamoring for info as to when they can expect her to drop the re-recorded version of the album.

Now I've heard many Swift fans say 'reputation' is legitimately their favorite Taylor album for various reasons, but something tells me we'll get a truer read on which one is REALLY her most popular album once 'reputation' has been re-recorded and released.

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