Being a sports fan can bring out some serious passion in you. I know this firsthand.

I've gotten into plenty of heated arguments with people about my teams and why they're better than yours. However, there comes a point where a well adjusted adult like myself (for the most part) would take a step back and say, "this is a tad extreme" and dial it back.

Unfortunately, well-adjusted adults are an endangered species. some people forgot about that at a Tasocsa basketball game on Friday. They were taking on Odessa-Permian when a fight broke out between a few students. Kudos to the coaching staffs and administrators that jumped in and quickly brought the fighting to an end.

This one is especially concerning for me as a parent. I've got a child who will be headed to high school in just a couple of years. He's going to want to attend sporting events with his friends and I want to know he's going to be safe at those events.

School fights happen relatively often, which we already know. Whether it be a fight that breaks out on campus or gets taken off of school grounds, kids' tempers get in the way of logical thinking. If kids want to fight, they're going to fight, unfortunately.

It shouldn't be taking place at a school sporting event though, especially INSIDE the event itself. There is nothing big enough to disrupt a game kids are playing and parents and students are enjoying. If you feel a need to fight THAT badly over something, take your silly butts outside and handle it there.

I know there is no way to stop fighting in schools, it's been around forever and isn't going away anytime soon. I'm just asking for a solution to get it to stop from happening at these extracurricular activities.

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