We've all seen em, the fake profiles on social media making us wonder what is real and what is fake. Now it seems some local businesses here in Amarillo are being targeted, the most recent one being Fish Pros Aquarium Center.

They took to their REAL Facebook account to let people know about a post going around on a fake account that had a contest attached to it. The classic "register here" link was found on the page and was definitely a phishing scam, not the kind the company wanted to be associated with though.

These types of pages and scams are becoming super popular, and they're getting REALLY good at making you think they're real. However, there are always things to look out for if you're suspicious.

Look at the spelling of a business or persons name. They like to take a letter and flip flop it with another, or sometimes they leave out a space. In the case of Fish Pros, the scam page changed the business name to "FishPros AquariumCentre". If you don't pay attention, you wouldn't think anything of it. All they did here was took away a couple of spaces and flipped a couple letters on "Center". They didn't change the picture though, that would've been a dead giveaway.

If you're a fan of a page or friends with someone, check to see if that person sending you a friend request is already in your friends list. There's a good chance they are. If it's a business asking you to like their page, and you know you already do, visit it to make sure.

Long story short, Fish Pros is NOT holding a contest, so don't be fooled. Stay vigilant so you don't get your info ripped off. It's not fun trying to get everything fixed!

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