Nothing excites us more than hearing the words "football is back"!

The atmosphere, the stadium, the crowd, it's all just electric. For several hours, you forget about all the worries in your life and root for your team like it's the only thing happening in the world at that time.

Prior to kickoff though is the pregame. If you're attending the game and not tailgating, you're not doing it right. Tailgating is as much of an event as the game is, if not more.

From the elaborate setups of people in the parking lot by 5 am smoking up some brisket, or just bringing out the portable grill and knocking out some burgers and dogs, there's nothing better.

Gathering all your friends together in one place, everyone (for the most part) wearing the same colors, throwing some bags, kicking back a few cold ones, it's a rite of passage.

That leads me to one question. Where does Texas Tech rank for best tailgating in the Big 12? Well, thanks to, we have that answer...and it's a solid ranking.

How about checking in at number 4 on the list? I'd say that's a pretty solid ranking. Let's break it down a bit.

Tech is set in an almost perfect spot when it comes to what is around Jones AT&T Stadium. If you're not lucky enough to land a spot in the parking lot to set up, there are tons of great restaurants around the stadium within a five-minute walking distance. Great food and cold drinks, exactly what you want before the big game. That lands Tech in a top three placing when it comes to location.

Tailgating got a score of five, right in the middle. It's not that the tailgating scene is just ok, it's that it's tough to get a spot. According to, you either have to be extremely lucky or a big-time donor.

When it comes to pre-game entertainment, you'll find a "vibrant" entertainment scene near the stadium. Just about a half-mile away from the stadium and you've got places to enjoy some pre-game entertainment. I mean you're talking a 10-minute walk at best to find some, but it comes in again right in the middle with a score of five.

Bringing the entire family to the game? Thankfully Tech is a great spot for that. The addition of Raider Alley really jumped up the score there. Games, activities for kids, a pep rally, and live music all help Tech grab a top three ranking for families.

All in all, Tech is the ONLY school to come away with a top-five ranking in all the categories, which in my mind makes it the ultimate tailgate destination. Check out the full article from here!

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