Camping can be a lot of fun. Out in the wide open and being one with nature. Unless that is something you discover someone in your family does not enjoy at all. That can be an expensive lesson to find out last minute.

I mean there are a lot of supplies you may have bought that now will go to waste. You probably went all out and bought a tent and sleeping bags. Those are the basics. You could have gone out and got a lot more. Camping can be a lot of fun. Unless roughing it is not really something that you enjoy.

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How do you really know without trying it? You can't. You don't have to be out a lot of money to just test the waters. That is what we found out. Amarillo Parks and Recreations is hosting its first Camping Experience of the year. The idea is they will give you a test run and supply the tent, dinner, snacks, and games. Of course, a one-night test run is so much easier than a big weekend trip.

If you didn't jump on the chance to do this experiment with your family this weekend well you are kind of out of luck, for now. They filled up all of their spots. Which is not surprising. They did decide that there was enough interest to do it all again.

So if this is something your family would like to try I wouldn't wait to sign up. I mean who doesn't love a free test run? Camping can become a yearly fun experience with your family. It may be your favorite thing to do.

It's always nice to know what you are getting into first. If your family would like to give it a try, check it out HERE.

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