In case you missed the headlines, a recent news report stated that the upcoming allergy season is going to be one of the worst "in decades." It sounds like we're about to set some more records. Yay. They honestly used the word "tsunami" when referring to pollen.

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Here are some quick tips to help you survive the upcoming allergy apocalypse.

1. Take Care of Yourself

One of the best things you can do for your overall health is simply get some rest. If you're feeling rundown, take a break. Your body can't fight the good fight if it's exhausted. Also, stock up on those over-the-counter meds you know you'll need.

2. Carry Nasal Spray With You

It will help clear out your nasal passages, and ease up those symptoms. If you don't enjoy having liquid blasted into your nostril, you can always gargle some saltwater.

3. Keep An Eye On Weather Forecasts

You won't necessarily be interested in the highs and lows, but more in how windy it will be and the pollen count. If the pollen count is going to be high, and it's going to be really windy, you might want to avoid going outside much. You might also want to use the a/c instead of opening a window on nice days...when we have them.

4. Wear a Mask

Most of us are anyways, and honestly it's the last thing any one wants to hear. Still, wearing a mask can help keep pollen and "allergens" from becoming a problem. You probably already have a mask, so just keep wearing it.

My family is already having a tough time with our allergies. Fingers crossed we can avoid the worst of the "allergy apocalypse" they're predicting.

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