It's always one of the most anticipated days of a week or month for either gender.

The good ol' "Girls Day/Night Out" or "Guys Day/Night Out".

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It seems to me that the ladies have a tendency to have more of these types of days, as truthfully it's not really something guys mention. Sure, we guys get together and hang out, but we don't really have much of a plan other than maybe hit up a ballgame or something.

The girl's day or night comes complete with plans, outfits, and locations. I'm not knocking it! I'm simply saying that you're better than guys when planning your get-togethers.

My family has lived in Amarillo for over a year, and I know my wife needs one of these types of days/nights with her girlfriends, so I started to research it for her. I know they're going to want to eat at some point, so I started there.

I started asking around at "girly" types of restaurants. I mean, guys typically end up at a random sports bar like Twin Peaks. I'm imagining that's not what is going to interest the wife if she's trying to get away from me.

After doing some research and taking in some suggestions, here are a few places I came up with for YOUR next girl's outing.


We start with this little gem sitting on Coulter. Girasol Cafe & Bakery has a lovely brunch menu if you're looking to pull an all-day affair with your ladies. Some interesting options to choose from that will make your palette happy, and of course, they have some traditional brunch items as well.

If it's not brunch you're looking for, they've got a nice, diverse menu to choose from. Sandwiches, salads, and some hot entrees you don't see a lot. Girasol is definitely a place to fill your tummy for the rest of your adventure.


Not to be confused with Roasters, Roosters on Bell & 34th offers up some wonderful light fare if you're not looking for that heavy meal. While a limited menu, you're sure to find something you want to indulge in. Salads and sandwiches are the main items on the menu, but they offer up a couple of different quiches as well.

Wash it down with some of their delectable coffee or tea and your day will be kicked off proper.


If you're feeling fancy, then Savor is the place you need to be. Found on Hillside Rd, the "urban and chic atmosphere" they offer is second to none. Sit indoors or on their patio outside to enjoy a unique dining experience.

AS a tapas bar, they encourage you to indulge in the full experience. So have each lady in your group order up something different, then share the love as you grab a little of everything off their plates. A truly unique experience in Amarillo and will definitely make you get a taste of "high society".

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