If you've been lacking curly fries and roast beef, you might be in luck. There's a new Arby's going in on Coulter.

The only thing that really excites me about this is that there is one more place to get curly fries and a cup o' cheddar.

Arby's has been on the receiving end of many a joke over the years. Their food always looks incredible in the commercials, but most of the time winds up being a mess wrapped in foil that tastes "okay." I've had my moments with the chain, but it has been quite some time since I've been through their drive-through.

My go-to order used to be the beef n' cheddar, with a cup o' cheddar and a large order of curly fries. Toss in a sweet tea, and that is what got me through high school.

At one point, some friends and I started a weekly tradition. It was when they had their 5 for 5 special. We'd load up on Arby's roast beef sandwiches and muscle our way through them. The reason? We wanted to make a massive ball of foil. Three months in and we all moved on to more moronic teenage endeavors.

We did get our massive ball of foil out of the deal. It smelled odd and took up my friend's entire dresser top.

The next location for an Arby's in Amarillo will be between Amarillo Car Care and the emergency room on Coulter. That happens to be on my way home. Maybe I could go get a beef n' cheddar meal just for old-time's sake.

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