It seems like every where you look right now, there's something just waiting to stress you out. The news is nothing but doom and gloom. People are going broke. On top of it all, we're told to stay inside.

These are my favorite musical "guilty pleasures" that help me unwind.

Anything By Todd Snider

A few years back I finally got the chance to see Todd perform live. He's been one of my favorite songwriters for what seems like forever. He's funny, witty, and his music has always had a way of turning my bad days around. This isn't one of my favorites, because they're all my favorites. I chose this tune because we like classic rock around here and this song is all about the Kingsmen, so it seemed to fit.

Also, in these trying times remember that a banana helps (WARNING: Language).


Marc Rebillet

This guy is insanely gifted. Loops on loops on loops. He's hilarious and incredibly entertaining. My wife and I sat for an hour watching his videos and live streams the other night, and we laughed ourselves stupid.

During his live steams, he takes phone calls from people. Those people give him a random topic and he makes a song about it.

One Man Bands

I have a soft spot in my heart for "one man bands." Sometimes they're goofy, but it takes a lot of talent to do what they do, and to be any kind of good at it. This video of Cigo is one of my favorites.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Lincoln Durham. I read one time in an interview where Lincoln didn't want to be considered a "one man band," but went with it after having some difficulties finding other band members.

Son of Dave

And you can't forget about Son of Dave. Check out his version of 'Black Betty.'

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