One of the good things (yes there are some good things) to come out of 2020 is all of the concert streams taking place. While there have been several one-off concerts, and even some live streamed "festivals" that have taken place, there are several weekly concerts well worth catching.

Metallica Mondays

Every Monday, Metallica is going through their archives of footage and streaming shows on YouTube. It takes place Mondays at 7 PM our time. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel to get alerts when they stream a new "episode" or "concert" or whatever you want to call it. Tonight's is from their concert in Mexico City in 2017.

The Who

The Who are doing a series of streams called Join Together @ Home. They pick rare footage and piece it together and upload it to their YouTube channel. The plan is for the series to last about six weeks total, so we have a few left. This is another channel you will need to subscribe to in order to get updates on when a new episode is available.

Todd Snider

Todd Snider is one of my favorite songwriters. I've watched a few of these streams on Sunday mornings. You can think of it as a folk/rock version of a church service. The live chat is always full of positivity and people just having a good time while listening to Todd sing and tell his wild tales.

Of course, there is the opportunity to donate to various causes, or tip the artists. It isn't required though.

I'm selfishly hoping that even when things are back to "normal" we'll still get to have some of these concert streams. It's been fun chatting with other fans while we all enjoy a show. It's nice to be able to have a conversation and still hear the music.

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