Another great concert is making its way to Amarillo.

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Jamey Johson will be playing in Amarillo on October 27th.  Tickets are on sale now.

Jamey will be bringing his gritty outlaw country to Amarillo.

Jamey Johnson hit the official music scene in 2005 with his single The Dollar.  The song is about a kid just wanting to spend time with his dad so he starts collecting change and asking his mother if this is enough for some time with his dad.  It's the story of working dad's trying to care for their families.

After releasing his first album, The Dollar, Jamey was dropped from his original label and signed by Mercury Nashville, where he released his second album in 2008.  The Lonesome Song, gave him his first top 10 hit.

Over the years Jamey has gone on to release more albums with his most recent being You Can, released in 2015.

Jamey Johnson's is the brand of outlaw country that country fans love.

Jamey Johson is also an advocate for the hardworking man and hosts several fundraisers to raise funds for different charities.

ACM and CMA Award winner Jamey Johnson was asked to be a member of the Grand Old Opry in March 2022, an honor every country musician dreams of, and playing where the greats of country music played.

Jamey Johnson will be live at the Amarillo Civic Center on Thursday, October 27th.

We want to send you to the show.

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