I've seen people comment online how beautiful these devils are. I've overheard some talk about them as if they're something to be proud of. I disagree, and there's a good chance you do too.

Here are ways to fight off the wicked Texas thistles growing in your yard.

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Let's Get Through The Bad News First

They're tough to get rid of. Chances are, you already knew that. They're like a flowery, purple hydra. Every time you cut one down, an army rises to replace it.

It seems like no matter what you do, you can't be rid of the spiny Texas purple thistle.

Purple Your Favorite Color? Then Buy A Crayon.

I have small kids. It never fails that one of them will wind up stepping on one of these things if they aren't kept up with.

They're prickly, and they hurt. Even with gloves on, there's a good chance you're going to get roughed up by the prickly purple menace.

So how do you combat this invasive plant?

You Have A Few Options, Starting With Vinegar

Of course, you have options to weigh. You could get some weed killer, but run the risk of sacrificing whatever is near the thistle. If it has popped up in your garden, this is something to consider.

One option I've seen mentioned a lot is vinegar. They actually make a specific type of vinegar just for this type of job. Just be sure to aim carefully when you spray, so you don't kill the plants you want to keep.

There are other herbicides you can use as well. Just know, this isn't a quick cure. You'll probably have to apply whatever spray you use multiple times.

I learned that the hard way.

You Can Just Dig Them Up

If you have skin made out of rhino hide, try digging them up. I tried this one year. It took forever and I went for a little bit without the nasty things popping up. However, as they always do, they came back.

Also, even with gloves on I got scratched up pretty good.

Suffocate The Stupid Things

If you get them early enough, you can just suffocate them. Put something flat over them, and wait for them to kick the bucket.

Not really ideal if you have several of these things harassing your yard.

Mow Them Over, And Prepare For An Invasion

You can just mow them over. I tried that once, and it didn't work very well. Sure I got a little bit of time without them ruining my yard, but they started popping up all over the place. This probably thanks to me inadvertently spreading their seeds all over.

Not my most brilliant move, but I was angry and not thinking rationally at the time.

Just Move

I found this to be an effective way of removing the Texas purple thistle from my yard. Just move and get a new yard.

Make it one without thistles.

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