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It's been tough this year to keep up with everything happening on Halloween. For the longest time it felt like we wouldn't have Halloween. Then events started getting planned. Then a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases in the area had everyone wondering again.

Yet, it looks like there will be plenty to do this Saturday if you are wanting to get out of the house for Halloween. Almost all of the events planned do mention the use of face coverings and enforcement of social distancing.

If you're building a list of trunk-or-treats to stop by this year, add Shi Lee's annual trunk-or-treat to the list. It will be at Bones Hooks Park at 4 PM.

Shi Lee's BBQ
Shi Lee's BBQ

Along with the candy, there are other things planned for the fifth annual trunk-or-treat. There will even be games.

If you would like to donate candy or items for the event, you can reach out to Shi Lee's BBQ at 806-517-7677. You can also drop off those items off to Shi Lee's at 1213 SW 3rd.

If you would like to see the list of other trunk-or-treats we have happening in the area on Halloween, you can follow this link to the list of events we have so far.

If you would like to see a list of bigger events happening in the area for Halloween, you can check out the list we have put together by following this link.

No matter how you plan to celebrate Halloween this year, plan on celebrating safely.

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