Today driving down 34th I saw something I haven't seen in what seems like forever. An old familiar sign was back at the intersection of 34th and Georgia.

We met April several months ago and found out the story behind the "You're Awesome" sign, along with the story behind the person carrying it. It was the story of a person who was making positive changes and choices in their life, and they wanted to pass it along.

I had to pull over and go talk with April, and see where she had been. For the longest time, it seemed, I would see her everyday reminding the city that we're all awesome.

April has been in the hospital recently. An infection turned into a life threatening situation, and she was unable to go out with her sign.

She jokingly told me that the nurses had threatened to take her sign away because they were afraid she would attempt to escape and get back to her work.

Now she's out, has a new sign, and a clean bill of health. Next month will mark one year that she has been hitting the streets with her positive message, and there's no slowing down.

She laughingly told me how she doesn't do this for money, but turning people's money away seemed to bum some folks out. According to her, this is her drug of choice; spreading the word and reminding us that we're all awesome.

As we wrapped up our conversation and I began to walk away, she yelled from the intersection, "Stay awesome!"

No. You stay awesome, April.

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