There are a lot of important jobs in the world. Some are big-time CEOs of large corporations we all rely upon. Some are small positions that allow businesses and restaurants to be open and serve us when needed.

One of the jobs in at least America that goes underappreciated though is probably one of the most important jobs you can have.

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Teachers. Without teachers, kids don't get the education they need to go out in the world and be what they want to be. However, being a teacher always seems to get overlooked, and underpaid for what they do.

Every year though, they have teacher appreciation week, and this is the week it's being held. Kids bring their teachers gifts to thank them for everything they do, but did you know there are a lot of places that give teachers discounts and freebies as well?

Here are a few places in Amarillo that are doing some cool stuff for the teachers.


Teachers can grab themselves a free appetizer with the purchase of a meal by simply showing their valid school ID through May 13. Appetizers are usually the best part of a meal right? May as well take advantage of it.


Free subs are ALWAYS a good thing, and teachers that present a valid ID will score themselves a free medium sub with the purchase of an additional medium or large sub, chips, and drink. Picking up dinner should be a little easier with this kind of deal.


Being a teacher has its perks at Target, and if you're a Target Circle member, you get another perk through May 13. You'll save 10% off your qualifying purchase, and Target already has solid prices.

This last one isn't exactly in Amarillo, but teachers need a vacation after having to deal with our kids for nine months, and it's a well-deserved one. Here comes a getaway at a BIG TIME discount.


You can save up to 40% OFF your trip to Great Wolf by using the promo code TEACHER. Now, you have to book your trip there by May 14th and you have to attend Great Wolf between May 10 to September 21, so basically pick a time during summer break and you're in. This is an AWESOME deal, so take advantage of it teachers!

There are plenty of other places that are doing some great things for teachers, and it's all because we want you to know how much you truly are appreciated.

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