Just do a search of the words "Facebook" and "blackmail" and stories from 2016 to as recent as a few weeks ago pop up of young men being extorted. I have even been told that it has happened to someone in Amarillo.

One of my hobbies is seeing how long the person/scammer/bot will talk with me before they get frustrated and block me. I'm not going to play their game.

Scammer Trying To Get Me On Webcam

I removed the profile picture for two reasons. One, there was a small child in the profile photo with the female that had messaged me. Two, for all I know the profile image and name were hijacked from a real person who has no idea this is happening.

Scams are nothing new when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. It usually starts with a friend request or a message from a person you've never met and have no common connections with. Eventually they ask for pics or to get on cam with you. Things take on a "naughty tone," then it is revealed that video or images of you will be released to everyone you know unless you pay up. It's happening all over the world.

Treat your online interactions with people the same way you treat your interactions with people in real life. Be safe by being smart and cautious.



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