With the school year starting up, there are many parents who are trying to figure out whether or not they want to send their kids to school for in-person learning.

The option has been made available, but the requirements have many scratching their heads when it comes to how to pull it off. Especially if they have more than one student in the house.

It's even more daunting if both parents work outside of the home.

One local company is trying to find ways to help out. The Vault Gaming Center is considering using their facilities to help with students who will be doing virtual learning.

While the plans, and price, haven't been finalized, it's nice to see a local business with the technology needed stepping up and trying to find a way to help.

They do mention that space and availability would be extremely limited. The most interesting part, for me, of this idea would be the fact that you wouldn't really have to worry about any "after school" activities since your student would already be at the Vault waiting to be picked up.

My immediate reaction to this was, "How is that any different from just going to school?" The same question I asked when it came to day-cares.

With The Vault, they aren't kidding when they say space would be limited. There would definitely be fewer students there than in school. Especially when you start factoring in social distancing guidelines.

There has been mention of several day-care facilities who will be adjusting to accommodate virtual learning. Plans range from hiring on additional staff to help, to adjusting classroom layouts to make sure students have a space where they can work without distractions. Check with your day-care to see if they are making any changes.

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