This week is going to be a hot one, with forecasts calling for temperatures over 100 in the area all week long. Here are some quick ways you can stay safe in the panhandle heat.

Drink A Lot of Water And Give Yourself A Break In The Shade

It should go without saying, but a reminder never hurts. Drink water. A lot of it. There is no real substitute for good old fashioned H2O. Sports drinks won't do nearly enough to keep you hydrated if you plan on spending a lot of time outside in the heat.

If you have to work outside in this heat, give yourself time to recover. Take frequent breaks and find some shade. Also, drink a lot of water. Plan outdoor activities around staying cool. We published a list of splash pads in the area you can use. Just remember, take frequent breaks in the shade, and drink plenty of water.

Look Before You Lock

Tragedy strikes this time of year. Children and pets die from exposure to the heat when they are left unattended in vehicles. Even if you roll the window down. The National Weather Service put out this image giving you an idea of what the temperature is like inside a car if it is 80 degrees outside. This week, it is going to be much hotter. Be sure to look before you lock.

Credit: NWSAmarillo
Credit: NWSAmarillo

Properly Prepare For The Canyon

If you plan on heading to the canyon this week, be properly prepared. Temperatures on the floor of the canyon can be hotter than temps at the top. According to the Palo Duro Canyon website's FAQ:

It is always advisable to engage in activities in the morning or late evening due to the high heat. Visitors are encouraged to drink plenty of water and not overextend themselves physically. Do not attempt the long trails in the heat of the day.


Stay Inside

A good old fashioned way to beat the heat, is just stay inside if you can. Enjoy the modern marvel that is air conditioning. Drink a glass of ice cold tea. Catch up on your day-time soap operas.

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