Well out of nowhere, Summer has announced it's here, even if it's only for a couple of days. We've got some blistering temps rolling into Amarillo with the next couple of days over 100 degrees. So how do you stay cool in times like these?

You can always find a fun place with A/C to go. There's bowling alleys, movie theatres and Cinergy is always a fun place to go and cool off. However, when it's hot outside, nothing sounds better to me than getting wet, and you've got several options you could choose from.

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Go ahead and dive in at either Southwest or Southeast Pool. Diving boards are installed at both locations if you're feeling Olympic and want to show off some moves. There's also fully stocked concession stands at each one should you or the kiddos need a little snack. Southwest Pool offers up a splash pad for the little ones to run around in as well. Note: Southeast Pool is closed on Wednesdays for weekly maintenance, so Southwest Pool will be your only option that day.


Think these are just for the mini mites? No way. I've got a 10 year old and he LOVES playing around at splash pads. Amarillo has a ton of great ones for you to hit up. We seem to be the unofficial splash pad capital of the world with the amount we have here. There are no less than 5-6 splash pads inside Amarillo, so search them and find the one you like the most!


Have a mentality of go big or go home? Then a water park is what you're looking for. We've got a couple small water parks that are within driving distance to Amarillo that will provide you and the kids with all the big things. Water slides, massive water buckets dumping that cool water all over you, etc. You can head over to Canyon Aqua Park if you want to stay close to Amarillo. Another option is to head into Pampa to check out the Pampa H2O Water Park. If it's the BIG one you're looking for, you may as well leave now and make it a 2 day trip. A 5 + hour drive will put you in Hudson Oaks to enjoy the all expansive fun of Splash Kingdom.

Whatever you decide to do to stay cool, enjoy it! The 100 degree temps aren't our favorite, but we love to splash around in the water and this gives us an excuse to do it.

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