"Run, live to... fart?"

Hand fart covers of songs are rare as pressing your hands together and wringing air from them with the ability to control pitch is among life's more unique abilities. For the last few years, YouTube user State of the Fart has tackled some daunting rock and metal songs and here he takes on Iron Maiden's rapid-paced, hyper-melodic Powerslave hit "Aces High."

In the video, he admits that the song is "really hard," but he capably handles the opening sequence. The first real challenge comes in after the iconic dual guitar intro and it's here that State of the Fart demonstrates his mastery of hand-driven flatulence. Throughout "Aces High," he sways back and forth between Bruce Dickinson's vocal melody and the guitar leads.

The song fades out early, but there's a treat for those who watch to the end (like a hidden bonus track - remember those?) as he attempts to take on the solos laid down by Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. Ultimately, Murray's buttery legato proves to be too much to handle as most of the fluttering aspect to his playing does not translate well into this twisted musical medium. For some tips on how to solo better, maybe he should hit up that dude who hand-farted "The Trooper" a few years back.

If all this does is make you want to hear "Aces High" live, then hopefully it will be included in Maiden's set list on their upcoming 'Legacy of the Beast' tour which kicks off in Europe in late May.

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