Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is regarded among heavy metal's all-time greatest singers. His dominant, operative voice has endured decades on the road in a band that has toured the world relentlessly, yet his voice remains no worse for the wear. In short, he is the definition of a legend, which means nobody should come close to being able to match his singing abilities. One man, however, is practically a Bruce Dickinson clone and he's got a bunch of videos singing other songs in the style of Maiden's 'Air Raid Siren.'

Now, when we say "clone," it's not a term we're throwing around lightly. This writer in particular has spent half a lifetime obsessing over Iron Maiden recordings of all eras and spent a year driving around with Bruce Dickinson's Accident of Birth solo album soundtracking every single mile. Basically, we are intimately familiar with all the nuances of Dickinson's voice.

With that said, Raphael Mendes couldn't be more of a dead ringer for Bruce if he had been created in a lab by a group of headbanging biogenetic engineers. On his YouTube channel, he's uploaded a variety of videos, performing medleys of songs by artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, Megadeth, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and so many more.

The impressive singer has also tackled some of Maiden's most popular tracks as well as providing alternate versions from Blaze Bayley era, namely select song snippets from 1995's The X Factor.

There's even a full version of Megadeth's Rust in Peace classic, "Tornado of Souls," sung in the style of Dickinson.

Subscribe to Mendes' YouTube channel here and check out our favorite highlights directly below. Meanwhile, if you're looking to catch the real Bruce Dickinson, view Iron Maiden's rescheduled 2021 'Legacy of the Beast' tour dates here.

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