The Sod Poodles announced coaching staff this week for the inaugural season. Among the names dropped, one was Phillip Wellman.

Phil has quite a history with the diamond.

Phil's managerial career began in 1992. Wellman has stated that he is excited about the unique opportunity to coach in a new stadium for an inaugural season. Icing on the cake is that it is in his home state.

Clearly unhappy with the umps, Wellman loses "it." After burying home-plate, chucking third, and crawling to the mound he tosses the chalk bag like a grenade at the feet of the blue at home.

The press release refers to Phil as a "competitive" and "experienced" manager. His resume' proves he's experienced. The video proves he's competitive.

If this is the Phillip Wellman we can expect to see on the field at every Sod Poodles game, sign me up for season tickets yesterday. Win or lose, if we get a performance like this on a sunny afternoon I'll call it money well spent.

You can find out more about Phillip Wellman and the rest of the coaching staff by following this link.


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