As we come to the final regular season game in high school football we get a very competitive final game as the 8-0 Childress Bobcats who are 5-0 in district play take on the 7-2 Canadian Wildcats who are 4-1 in district play. This game will also be very electric game as these two teams have a very deep rivalry in the Texas Panhandle.


Childress Bobcats

With the undefeated Bobcats being the away team this week lets start with them for a team breakdown. They have a well rounded team as their defense has only allowed 2 teams close to trying to beat them. the first team was Shallowater  Mustangs coming within 2 points and the second teams was Friona coming within 5 points. Now lets talk about their offense which is a force to be reckon with as they average out about 42 points a game. They have only been below 42 points 3 times. So as long as the Bobcats stop everyone on defense and keep scoring high on offense they will not only win this game but go deep into the playoffs.

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Canadian Wildcats

Now lets talk about the the home team the Canadian Wildcats. This team might be young as majority of their team is juniors which is a plus for them as they won't have much to rebuild next season. Now lets talk about this years team and lets first talk about their defense who is like a brick wall only allowing 2 teams to beat them the  first being the Bushland Falcons which went into over time and the second one was the Tulia Hornets who beat them by 19 but part of that loss can be put on the offense as that was also their second lowest scoring game on the season. The Wildcats offense on average score about 42 points. So if they keep this up they can win the game and go deep into the playoffs.

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Lets recap both teams have brick walls for defense and both teams have a strong offense as they both on average score 42 points. The only real difference between the 2 teams is one is still undefeated only allowing the opponent coming with in 2 points and the other has lost twice already this season with one being in overtime and the other being one of their worst games on the season. In the end this game will come down to one thing. And that is whos defense slips up first. Either way this game is going to be a very electric game to watch.

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