There is nothing better than Mac and Cheese, and today is National Macaroni Day. There are several ways you can celebrate this day with one of our favorite side dishes.

While the tried and true Mac and Cheese is a staple, there are several ways you dress it up to make it something a little more special for the holiday. First, you could try making the "cheese" portion of your dish with a variety of cheeses, instead of just one. Just add the cheese and a little milk to the pot to get it melted and you're well on your way.

You could also try adding meat to your dish to give it a little extra pop. Hamburger is a usual addition, however I recommend using a spicy sausage. You can also crisp some bacon, crumble it, and sprinkle it on top.

Bread crumbs will give your dish a little "crunch", and don't forget to add a spicy sauce. Personally, I add a healthy amount of Cholula to my Mac and Cheese to give it some kick.

However you do it, enjoy a bowl of macaroni for National Macaroni Day!

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