Tonight, when you look up at the night sky, don't worry when you see something bright and shiny passing over head. It's not a UFO or a sign that the world is finally ending. Tonight, the International Space Station will pass almost directly over Amarillo.

The International Space Station will be making its pass over Amarillo tonight at approximately 9:03 PM. Start looking a little before 9 PM.

The International Space Station will pass overhead and look like a really bright star cruising across the night sky. Be looking for it on the north western horizon. It will move from the north western horizon to the south eastern horizon shortly after 9 PM.

When you look up tonight, don't worry. That bright object isn't a UFO coming to drop off Elvis. It isn't space refuse coming to land in the middle of town. Our extraterrestrial overlords aren't coming to claim Earth as their own. It's just some hard working astronauts and their house passing by.

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