Since about 1960, there have been numerous reports of unidentified flying objects in the sky above Amarillo. What is it about us that makes us a magnet for UFOs?

When you go to the National UFO Reporting Center's website and search through the Texas listings, Amarillo has its fair share of sightings. They go back as far as the 1950's and 60's to as recent as last month.

When you search YouTube for footage of UFOs in Amarillo, you are met with an insane amount of results.

There have been reports filed of seeing triangle shaped objects in the sky hovering. There have also been several claims of bright lights in the sky that defy explanation.

The lights and other objects all hover and move oddly. Some reports claim that the objects also emit different colors of light in strange patterns.

What do you think makes these objects appear in the sky over Amarillo? Could it be extraterrestrials? Could it have something to do with Pantex or our affinity for helium?


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