So here we are, one of the most dreaded days on the calendar. Friday the 13th.

No, a slasher isn't going to come out of nowhere and get you while you're's only in your head.

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If you ARE that superstitious person though, there's a few places you may want to avoid here today.

credit: John Margolies,
credit: John Margolies,


I know, you love antiquing and all that, but can you wait until tomorrow to do your shopping? That place is wildly haunted, and Friday the 13th is like Christmas to the spirits. Slamming doors, chilly air, spirits dancing. It'll probably be similar to a haunted house today, so if that's not exactly your jam, find somewhere else to hang. The ghosts await.

Hutchinson County Museum


Yeah I know, the museum is all about the boom of the oilfields and all that. Did you know it's haunted as all get out though? Footsteps when no one is following you, a man whistling an old time song, yet no one around you is whistling. Between those things and the mysterious painting that once showed up out of nowhere overnight, this isn't exactly the best Friday the 13th spot for you.



Yes, the place is closed to the public but that doesn't mean you can't get close to it. The amount of haunting reports from here is staggering. Strange noises are common, a pregnant woman falling from the third floor then disappearing before she reaches the ground is apparently a regular appearance. I wouldn't go anywhere near here if I were you. Something bad is bound to happen to you.

The Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital on Amarillo Boulevard

The 119-year-old abandoned hospital is a fascinating place for any who are lucky enough to be granted the chance to explore.

The sprawling building saw thousands of Amarillo's citizens inside its halls daily, all the the way until it was shuttered in 2001. But there are still incredible artifacts of the all-too-recent past tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the old St. Anthony.

The explorer who took these photographs gave the following information:

"Many rooms were left untouched, we found patient files, old prescriptions, a blood transfusion machine from the 60s, and microscopic slides of breast cancer from the 70s and 80s. I put one picture in here of some heart scans so you can see the dates and diagnosis of the patient, but marked out the patient’s names of course. During a time when mental illness was not understood, 76 exorcisms were documented to have been performed between 1909 and 1931."

Take a look inside the halls of the legendary abandoned St. Anthony's hospital

The Abandoned Herring Hotel in Amarillo, Texas

You may have passed it a million times while driving downtown, or you may be new to town. Either way, chances are you've seen the beautiful Herring Hotel. The beautiful aging brick tower sits unoccupied on 3rd and Pearce streets. It's a grand building that stands as a reminder of Amarillo's early days as a cattle and oil town and it tells the stories well.

If you've ever wondered what's inside this towering building, just take a peek below.

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