If there's one person you don't mess with, it's Taylor Swift. That's what one Lubbock, Texas artist recently found out after releasing a song that caught the attention of Taylor Swift's militant fanbase. What could be so bad about Taylor Swift? Why are the Swifties even mad?

Chasing Ivy of Lubbock, Texas, And Taylor Swift

The song, released by Chasing Ivy out of Lubbock, is about something Taylor is familiar with. Many of Taylor's most notorious tunes revolve around break-ups and heartbreak. This song has very little to do with Taylor Swift, and more to do with the ending of a relationship that sounds like it was going pretty well...at least for a little bit.

That hasn't stopped Swifties from coming to the defense of their queen. There's plenty of hate out there for the song, and it's completely misplaced.

Chalk It Up To Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

The whole hating Taylor Swift part of the song, which happens to be the opening line, references a song of Taylor's playing while the singer's love interest is walking away. The song is about movies and music that bring back memories of a love gone sour.

Chalk it up to Taylor's song being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What I find sad is that the singer also says she hates "Say Anything", the film that gave us the iconic scene of John Cusack standing with a boombox outside his girlfriend's window trying to win her back.

Why isn't anyone defending him? If anyone should be upset, it's John. Everyone glosses over Cusak. Is it because they're not listening to the song and are just reacting to a song title? Who would do something like comment without listening/reading/looking first? If people were really listening all the way through and not reacting to the song, they would be defending Cusack.

Congrats To Chasing Ivy Of Lubbock, Texas

You've got everyone's attention at the moment. The song isn't bad. It's not in my wheelhouse because I'm more of a Tom Waits guy. If it doesn't sound like poetic madness after smoking a pack of Luckies, it's probably not on my radar. Personal preferences aside, I'd take it over Rebecca Black's "Friday" any day of the week.

Congrats, Chasing Ivy on the success so far. I'm interested in seeing what comes next. You can check out Chasing Ivy on the official YouTube channel here.

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