Another Amarillo restaurant bites the dust.  My favorite response to hearing this was, "wait, what?  I thought this place was already closed."

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The restaurant I speak of is China Star.  The infamous Chinese buffet in Amarillo was either loved or hated, there was no in-between.  In its heyday, China Star was the buffet in Amarillo.  However over the years, and the many negative reviews, I'm surprised they kept their doors open as long as they did.

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera

Doing some research, and by research, I mean scouring Facebook and other social media, it was mentioned that the building will be bulldozed and another restaurant will be built in its place.

Michael J. Rivera/ TSM Amarillo
Michael J. Rivera/ TSM Amarillo

I did put in some other research and found out that the restaurant did put a sign on the door.

<p>China Star is permanently closed.  There will be another type of restaurant here in the building, just have to wait an see what's going to be in the near future.</p><p>Just want to say thank you and really appreciate your business for the past years.  But it's time to say goodbye.  </p><p>China Star</p>

The restaurant has been closed since October 2nd.

In the meantime, I guess you will have to get your Asian Buffet fix from the few remaining buffets in town.

Now begins the research to find out what is going into this building and whether will it be torn down and rebuilt.  Hopefully, it won't have horrible reviews.

I guess that's just the life of the buffet restaurant business.

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