A woman on TikTok went viral sharing a funny video she sent to her boss while she was about to give birth, and many viewers are calling it a perfect snapshot of "America" in the comments due to her dedication to her job.

"Hi, thank you for checking. I'm actually going to have a baby tonight. Right now I'm drugged up on fentanyl because of the epidural, but yeah, it came way sooner than I expected," the woman says in the video, which is meant for her manager at work.

"But don't worry, I'll wrap up some emails and stuff. Let me know if you have any questions about the OneNote," she continues, referring to notes detailing her maternity leave plan.

"The actual video I sent my manager when I was about to give birth," the woman noted in a text overlay on the video.

Watch the TikTok, below:

Several viewers in the comments section noted how "American" the video is since the woman was still seemingly focused on work even while about to give birth.

"This is soooo American hahaha," one person joked.

"The reality of being an employee in America," someone else lamented.

"Me [when] I went into preterm labor and my boss said 'can you be in tomorrow,'" another person commented.

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Thankfully, it was all in good fun.

In a follow-up video, the woman shared screenshots of text messages between her and her manager, noting, "My manager is so chill. She was so nice about it."

In one of the messages, her manager wrote, "Omg this is so exciting. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the moment and share pics..."

"Your manager is so nice I’m not sure how people are interpreting this as rude. She said don’t worry about it because you said you would do something," someone observed in the comments.

"Yes yes yes to everything you said! My manager is nothing but supportive!" the TikTok user who posted the video replied.

Oh, and congratulations to the new mom!

In a third video in response to a comment about her boss, the woman confirmed that she "loves her job and her manager" and "goes overboard sometimes" because she loves her job so much.

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