Def Leppard is killing the fan vote over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In honor of their nomination, the band decided to do a live Q&A on Facebook.

Before the Q&A, the band asked for questions from fans. They accepted submissions via their Facebook page.

This was my chance to ask Def Leppard a question I've always wanted to ask. It's something that I've wondered since I was a teenager.

Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo
Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" is a song that has certain connotations attached to it that not many other songs have. Something about that song just makes people (women) go wild.

It's an iconic song. Like it or not, Def Leppard has a song that makes people think of late nights, glitter, and dollar bills. Something about that song just makes a large portion of the populace feel sexy.

I fear the day that my daughter discovers that song.

The Q&A was actually pretty standard fare. You can check it out below.

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