Hey y'all, John Boy and Billy have gone and got themselves nominated for a major award. In case you haven't heard, The Big Show has been nominated to make it into the Radio Hall of Fame.

The category they are nominated in is the "Music Format On-Air Personality." In order to get the win, they're going to need our help by going to vote for our favorite morning boys.

According to the ballot, John Boy and Billy were at the "forefront of the modern wave of radio syndication when they launched the John Boy & Billy Radio Network in 1993." Their formula for success has been copied by several other syndicated morning shows over the years.

Here's the post from their Facebook page announcing the news:

In order to vote for our boys, you'll need to follow this link to the Radio Hall of Fame's website. Once there, you'll be asked to enter an email address. You can click the option to opt out of getting emails from the Radio Hall of Fame before heading to the ballot.

There are several categories with several familiar names. The biggest surprise for me wasn't John Boy and Billy, but just how much Glenn Beck looks like Colonel Sanders in his picture.

Be sure to like The Big Show on Facebook and congratulate our boys on getting their nomination. You can find their Facebook page here.

Don't forget to tune in to The Big Show every weekday morning at 5 AM, and if you get up early on Saturdays be sure to tune in for the best of The Big Show. It starts at the same time.

Congrats guys on the nomination. We're cheering you on.

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