Did you forget you had jury duty?  It happens.

It also so happens, according to The Potter County Sheriff’s Office, that you may get a call from a scammer who will claim to be with Potter County.  They may go on to tell you that you’ve missed jury duty and are in big trouble.

It’s the latest scam to wash up on the shores of the Llano Estacado.  The scammers tell potential victims that unless they remit a fine immediately, they could go to jail.  The victims are instructed to get a Green Dot card or other type money card as payment for the supposed fine for missing jury duty.

Potter County Jury Services and the Potter County Sheriff’s Department has been pretty busy the last few days, canvassing the media to get the word out that they will never demand payment over the phone.  They didn’t mention whether county fines could in fact be paid with a Green Dot card, but it seems highly unlikely.

If you get a call demanding payment for missing jury duty your best bet is to hang up the phone and carry on as you were.

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