As if we don't have enough scams to sit back and worry about these days, allow me to introduce you to one that may potentially be happening here in Amarillo. No, this isn't one that comes via phone or email, this one involves real people coming directly to your door.

When you think of people coming to your door, you imagine it's someone selling you something. Rarely do you expect someone from the city to just show up and try to feed you some info. Unfortunately, that's exactly what is happening.

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Here's what happened with someone here recently. Someone had their doorbell rung by a person wearing one of those shiny orange construction vests. You know the ones I'm talking about because we see them everywhere with all the construction in the city.

The person said they were at their house yesterday and dropped off a pamphlet but they needed to get it back. They stated they gave them the wrong one initially, and wanted to give them the correct one this time.

Well, the homeowner spoke to this person through their doorbell camera refusing to come to the door. They said they could juts leave the new pamphlet on the ground and they would grab it later. The person said ok and left.

Strange thing about this is the person who owned the home said no one was at the house yesterday, nothing was left on the door as they stated, and they didn't leave anything this time around either.

Please know that if the city needs to communicate with you on something, they will do it through the mail, especially if it's literature of some sort. They won't just show up on your doorstep with something.

Keep an eye out for this and don't fall victim to whatever scam the person may be trying to pull off.

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