We are less than a month away from sending Lonestar 98.7 and myself, Charlie, "Over The Edge With Family Support Services of Amarillo!"

The event is designed to help Family Support Services raise money needed to continue with their operations in the Amarillo and surrounding areas for the upcoming year. It truly is an amazing organization, and you can make your donations (of any size) by following this link to our "Over The Edge" page.

On August 16th, Charlie and Lonestar will be going over the edge of the Santa Fe building.

Family Support Services is an amazing organization that does a lot for the over 25,000 people they help in the Amarillo area.

They offer much needed services for our veterans; from job training and placement to counseling, support, housing, and equine-assisted therapy.

They also provide a lot of services for children. Youth support of mentors, leadership activities, and programs to reduce bullying substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and several other issues facing young people are all offered through FSS.

There are support groups for men, women, and children. Individual and family counseling is offered. The incredible part is that most of these services are offered at no charge to the client.

I personally know several individuals who FSS would be an incredible resource for, and have even gone through moments in my life where FSS would have been there to save the day.


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