When it comes to food in Amarillo in the national eye, the king is the 72 oz steak. It has attracted YouTubers and TV shows from all over, each wanting to try and tackle the monster.

One of the most famous instances is when Man V Food came to town to tackle the 72 oz steak and accompanying meal. But that's not the only thing he tried. Here's a list of restaurants that have been on Man V Food according to this breakdown of episodes.

Youngblood's Cafe

Back in '08, Man V Food stopped by Youngblood's to give the chicken fried steak a try.

Golden Light Cantina

During the tour of Amarillo in '08, Adam stopped by Golden Light. Golden Light is one of the few places suggested to me when I found out I was moving here. Everyone I talked to couldn't recommend it enough. In the Amarillo episode, Adam tried the Frito chili pie.

Moose's Sixth Street Bar & Grill

For the ribs portion of Man V Food's trip through Amarillo, the stop was at Moose's Sixth Street Bar & Grill.

Biti Pies

This is where the dessert portion of Adam's trip through Amarillo came in. While traveling through on Rt. 66, he had to stop to give it a try.

Coyote Bluff

In this segment, we get a breakdown of all the heat that goes into their most famous burger, the Burger From Hell.

The Big Texan

Of course there was the moment that Adam had to take on the 72 oz steak at The Big Texan. Every competitive eater and foodie that comes through has to try it and put it on YouTube.

To see more restaurants that have been featured on TV, check out this website.

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